Yet another International Women’s Day.. Why do we really need it!

On the account of much promoted International Women’s Day, here is a quick reminder of what exactly #Feminism is and how it is significant. After reading quite a lot of intolerant messages from men and even few women on Feminism and how unjustified it is, I thought we should all really understand what that much hyped, overused and highly misunderstood concept really is!
1. It isn’t about “My Choice” (I’ll do whatever). It is about “My opportunities”. So many arguments, social media feuds over this one! The basic essence of Feminism is helping all sections of people (both men and women) understand how righteous and fair it is to let the oceans of opportunities be open for all. It isn’t about “I can do everything”. It is about “I want to do it so please let me!” It is a sincere attempt to convince people around to let a woman take up education or a career choice or a sport based on her interest. To eliminate backward thoughts like – “You are a female and you cannot/shouldn’t pursue that”.
It is purely about the opportunities around us being open to everyone who is interested in – independent of one’s gender.
2. It isn’t about women demanding for extra rights or extra attention. It is about imploring to be acknowledged! So much talk on gender equality. But is it really “Equality” if a section of women demands for better privileges just for owning the tag of a “woman”? Absolutely NOT! It is and should be an attempt to be heard and succeed when worked hard. It is a request to everyone around to shower the same results of hard work on a woman as they do for a man. To eliminate excuses like – “You are a female so this is how much (lesser) you’ll be paid”/”You are a female so we cannot promote you to that cadre”.
It is a genuine outcry to help everyone realize that we deserve our fruits of hard work. If one is committed, works hard and delivers great results, encourage that someone’s progression – irrespective of that one’s gender.
3. It isn’t about what women should wear or shouldn’t. It is about requesting you all not to “want to own what you see”. Just because you like what you see on a woman, doesn’t give you a right to grab it and have it. Even women admire men who carry themselves well or are handsome or are smart – every woman has her own definition to like something. But that doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that she can just grope him and do whatever. Same must apply for a man.
It is an honest attempt to educate morons not to feel the sense of ownership should they like something that they see. This applies to both the genders, but predominantly to alert/train women since they have been on the receiving end rather higher than men. But not to start a twitter war or how many women raped men. With every other traumatizing restriction in place in the society, this ordeal becomes much more unbearable which is where the efforts should lie to ease it. Yet, many review a rape with discussion points like, “What was she doing so late at night?” “Who asked her to dress like that?” “Who asked her to fight back?” If YOU can have such strong opinions on a victim despite being an opposite gender, please understand where all the strong “defenses” come from – especially from the ones who suffer molestations day in and day out. We aren’t against your opinion. We just want you to hear us out too.
4. It isn’t about demanding not to be judged for the number of boyfriends a woman has over time or the drinks she has. It is a humble request not to pressurize any family where a woman’s engagement has been broken or a husband passes away. It will be a difficult time to begin with. But statements like, “Oh lord, who will marry her now?” “Oh no, how will she live her life now? Who will provide her safety?” change the tangent of grief totally. Feminism is a request to every man and woman to encourage anyone to move on with their life after dealing with their grief – in whichever way they want to, not owing to the social obligations.
It is a sincere request to provide privacy and not brand the lady’s life or her family’s life forever. Only then will all those lives that are cheated on or blackmailed on be saved from the countless suicides and mental depressions.
5. It isn’t about rubbing all those biological differences on a man’s face! It is a feeble attempt to educate everyone and remove myths and taboos around menstrual cycles or pregnancies or menopauses. It is an attempt to help men understand women better, and help them be more empathetic. Not sympathetic. It isn’t about being arrogant and stating “I can do that, despite my biological changes”. It is about showing the stronger side and inspiring greater goodness and changes even at the most challenging times.
It is not about raising the bar higher for every other woman by performing stunts in those “biological days”. It is about helping a brother, father, husband or a son understand why his sister, daughter, wife or a mother isn’t as charmingly active as she usually is and support her by creating a more positive atmosphere than disowning/disrespecting her for that period of time. Because we all know – life needs to be given birth and not without a price. While a woman partakes in it directly, if the rest positively contribute, the world gets only a better place.
6. Lastly, feminism is certainly not about “I can say anything and everything”. Nope. But a progressive request to be taken seriously and be to be heard. It is a plea to let women have a say in major decisions – especially the ones concerning their own. Like their marriage, kids, career, education, lifestyle etc. The next time you hear a female member talk politics, news or any worldly matter, instead of “What would you know? You sit at home”, listen. If they are opinionated be considerate enough to hear out their opinions rather than brushing them off just because of their gender.
It is to allow anyone to walkout or take charge of their own life being considerate to everyone around at the same time – irrespective of gender. And engage in healthy discussion points. Basically to eliminate statements like, “How dare you raise your voice, you woman” or “How dare you talk back to a man!”
Overall – feminism is an attempt to lead the society towards a much more progressive and healthy direction eradicating negative inhibitions and welcoming positive changes. It isn’t about which gender is the greater one. It is about understanding that both the genders are different in their own beautiful ways and embracing those differences. It is about living together in harmony with this beautiful understanding and mutual respect for another. Respect – being the focus.
I want to live those years where there is no need for an International Women’s Day or an International Men’s Day to educate everyone or urge the importance of harmony. Hope – is all that I carry.

Intolerance is good. But demeaning our own Nation to sensationalize?

flags-of-countries-animated-three-colors-as-flags-of-india-symbol-in-handYou and I are able to debate on “Intolerance” only because there is someone out there who is tolerant enough to take bullets for us. And a complete family out there that is tolerant enough to willingly hug “goodbye” to a very dear, loved family member with a heart filled of hope to see him/her again

You and I are able to travel across the globe with a confidence of being rescued by the Indian Government and the Indian Armed Forces in case of a calamity solely because there is someone out there who never gets to travel back home for even the biggest of his/her family needs

You and I are able to forget the great heritage of India, its thousands of years of culture and nickname cities like “Rape City” contributing much of its eminence to barbaric morons while the same city houses every single reason for the existence “India” and not 29 + 7 different countries sharing a subcontinent

You and I are able to let the very popular News media (broadcast/print) use the terms “Shame on India”, “Indian Shame” etc., only because there is someone out there who is willing to forego every ounce of their blood to ensure that you and I are not “Shamed” by either being killed or by being raped by the enemy camps

You and I are able to blame the nation on how pathetic the governance is, how “unfair” the law is and how irresponsible the ruling is ONLY because there is someone out there who is drawing their last breath with an image of his/her grown up kids in heart and how would it be to hold them for one last time

Intolerance is good. It has been the root cause for almost all the movements that happened for the humanity’s good. But, demeaning our own nation to sensationalize it?

Today we celebrate the 67th year of the fruits of our nation’s biggest movement. But India is much more than just these 67 years. Indian food, Indian culture, Indian Heritage, Indian Diversity and Indian Advanced Technology aging thousands of years is much more than you and I settling in some other country and later stating, “I couldn’t ever come back. It’s just not safe or organized”

If in a class of 1000 students, 999 pass with a 90% annual score but 1 kid fails due to some reasons, it is natural for the parents to discipline that kid. While the national media is busy telecasting the headline, “Shame in India. School kid slips into depression because he was judged by parents for failing an exam”, forgetting the tremendous success of the other 999 kids and their hard work and the progress that they (read country) made, the same news triggers in innumerable tweets/posts/debates on how bad and pathetic the situation is and how better the other nations are doing. See my point?

India is much more than what is being broadcast irresponsibly. This Republic Day, I call on you all to remember it, cherish it and fill that positive energy within. Let us be intolerant. There’s no harm. But let us be responsible about it. If we can’t contribute to this great nation’s success, let us at least not pull it back by our disrespectful views which quite often change frequently.

And media – if you are listening.. You are a part of this diverse, tolerant nation and not of its enemy. Stop raising its prominence to the ground. Because believe me – India is a tolerant nation. But every tolerance will have its boundary. Want the proof? Search for other countries’ media reporting “Shame on my country” and if that ever happened, the result of its occurrence. We all can make or break. We, as Indians dare to choose to “make”. Do you dare to stand with us or the sensational hoop? Will you dare to brighten my country’s future or stick to only broadcasting the darkness inside? Can you make a difference along with us or should we do that alone? Do you even care or is it just us? Lastly, do you still remember what led to the birth of “media” and the miracles it brought in to our world?

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On one of those routine days in the life of…

It was too high. I stretched myself to reach but couldn’t. I tried harder. And harder. I couldn’t. Why should I cry every single time? Why can’t I get what I want whenever I want it? Why is it so hard for people around to understand it? Not bothering about any of these questions that kept troubling me, I tried a little more.

Just then, somebody gave a little nudge and it moved! Oh my God it moved! And that sound… hahaha… that sound is so funny! Oops i guess I’m laughing loud not bothering about all the people around looking at me with those adoring eyes..

Uh oh.. I did it again and I’m wet once more. Grrr I hate this. I’ve got to cry now! The cradle I’m in is so wet! My toy! Do something! Oh mom… You’re my superwoman. Get me out of here. Oh look at that! I’m being lifted and I crossed her elbow. I’m taller! Yeeeyyyy! Laughing time smile emoticon

*If only they could speak*

#India’sDaughter – I don’t wanna take a risk of polluting even one WRONG mind, though this video can inspire a billlion. Period.

Watched India’s Daughter. And I am stuck between the practicality and emotions about this sensitive issue now.

This video has an amazing potential to inspire and motivate a billion people towards change. BUT.. Equally, this video also has the potential to inspire the WRONG mind(s) – however sleek and slim the percentage of that is.. and that is something we cannot afford anymore. ANYMORE.

As I speak, as a woman of India, I don’t care about how many people share the video or cry or discuss (None of these serve the purpose – thanks to the video!). At this point, I just don’t want an as***** to watch this video and get inspired by how cool Mukesh (Mucus of our society) was while answering the questions..

If we understand the video right, it’s there in the lifestyle of few sections of people and some of those few sections of people have such brilliant minds that they can stoop to any level, just to look cool – like Mukesh on television. THAT’S THE BITTER FACT! Most of them, don’t even care about the result when the fateful moment arrives. Just like they imitate their favorite heroes in movies, they would imitate these monsters. Basic Psychology!

I am not sure how many of you understand what I am trying to say, but yes, I don’t want many more Mucuses crawling on the roads out of lust and senselessness. Period.

I thought I would post that Government’s decision was extremely wrong when I started watching it. But, I change my mind after finishing it.

I cannot risk any such factor that makes me even more tensed anymore. Because let’s face it, practically. This is one such problem whose solution is not as simple as we think. Who is willing to go to places like RK Puram to stop the assaults and rapes in every single family on a daily basis? And who is willing to invent a chemical solution, that when sprayed changes the mindsets of all those morons who think Men are the humans. Women are The Human’s servants? WHO? YOU?

Could have been better. I still tell you, minds like me would like the video, I am not denying that. But there are completely different thinking minds out there, who will like this video too. And worse, they will look up to some.

Fast track is still not executed, a million more similar cases. So why should I dream of the hope of impractical and magical solution, again?

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It is not a Batman or a Superman.. For men, it’s a woman who is a superhero

They expect the woman alone to handle household stuff.. Cooking, laundry, tidying the house, looking after the garden, pets, buying groceries, vegetables, cleaning up the appliances and what not!

And modern men, love being married to working women. With absolutely no change in the above duties. Not even bothering to help. Not that they cannot perform any of the above tasks! Just that, meh, they don’t want to.

Now, if they don’t believe in superhero powers of a woman, why else would they? They themselves might not be aware that they feel so about women. If they even get the slightest hint of this, BAM! The Rise of Male Ego – Episode X!

I celebrated Ind Vs Pak because India won. Not because Pak lost.

I couldn’t get an opportunity to watch the match settling in front of my TV screen this time. I was running around with some chores at home but made sure to have a quick sneak peek onto the screen every few minutes. When Indian bowlers took the ninth wicket, I left everything and settled down just to enjoy our victory. Yes, to enjoy our victory! And oh boy, was that last catch a memorable one! Like many others, I jumped too! Out of joy, sheer happiness that we did good and we won. But that lasted only until I opened my Facebook account and checked WatsApp messages…

More than 95% of them celebrated Pakistan’s loss. They were all happy that India defeated Pak and not because India WON! There is a sleek difference between these two. When you jump out of joy for someone else’s loss, what does that make you? I am no lesser an Indian. I am an extremely proud Indian. And I celebrate my country’s victory. Not some other country’s loss. And then came all those image messages with the “fireworks” jokes. Unaware of what it is exactly, I googled and checked out the advertisement. Really? I mean, really? What are we advocating? What are we really stressing on? A guy who obviously is from the rival country misses the chance to burst fireworks. Why should it be the other way round? Why can’t it be an Indian bursting crackers every single time? Why is the negative publicity or negative marketing being encouraged so much that it has now become a way of life?

I had to take a gap of 4 days to write this down so that the one who reads this article, reads with a settled emotional mindset and a composed thought process. Because after all, Indiaaaaa Indiaaaaaa is probably the only time where millions of emotions run extremely high. And that victory, sounds sweet always.. J

P.S : I am not commenting anything on both the countrys’ history. My only intention here was to remind everyone that cricket is a SPORT. And a sport spreads positive energy and positive energy alone. A zeal to win is a lot different from the zeal to defeat. And the latter is definitely not SPORTive. For me, Ind Vs Pak was a very prestigious match just like for everyone else. But I care less for what the other team’s result is. All I care and celebrate is for my own team’s success, my own team’s hardwork and my own team’s fantastic performance.