Journey to “feel” Frozen Summer

My most recent novella – Frozen Summer has the core part of it’s story happening in an MMTS (Local train system of Hyderabad city) train. She gets seated on an aisle seat but then is forced to move to the window seat at one particular point in the story. As she gets off the train and walks to her destination, she sees a police car parked outside the station..

So why am I blabbering about all this? Interestingly, I had similar experiences on my way to Bangalore..! And that freaked me out (not to mention) 😛

I started off my journey to the book launch in an MMTS, I took aisle seat, then moved to the window seat. As the train approached the station, I saw few police cars parked outside the station. There were a lot more minute details that I mentioned in the book which happened in reality during my stay in Bangalore. Oh boy, did that scare me out!

The train journey to Bangalore City was smooth. Why wouldn’t it be? I was travelling in my favorite mode of commute after 3 long years! To top that, I was with my family… We got down, reached the hotel and left to go see the book store – Atta Galatta few hours before the launch (You know, just to make it a little familiar). But we walked walked walked – Thanks to the brilliant signal coverage of Airtel in Bangalore (The Google Maps did not work as the GPS couldn’t pick any location). Nope – We were not in the outskirts! We WERE in the heart of the “Electronic City”.. To be precise, right next to one of the top IT giants (Nah! I know that this has got nothing to do with telecom – Just trying to be that ridiculous layman)

Finally, sweating and panting, we reached the book store. There were 5 posters that I designed pasted outside the store.. I blushed, got inside, approached the librarian and asked, “Can I please take a look at Frozen Summer?” She looked at me puzzled! Oops, the excited me just forgot the routine of socializing..! I laughed it out, introduced myself and then, asked for the book. I have seen the pictures a million times.. And I was the last person in the team to take a look at the book..

Aah! There it was! Frozen Summer! I froze for a moment just like my protagonist, smiled, laughed, blushed, then cleared the tears that were swelling out of my eyes.. 

I was holding my first ever book!!!! The moment – never to return! Did I tell you that I wanted to give up writing during my journey because it was too difficult to handle? The promotions, the industry, my availability, my other portion of life.. Well, needless to say, I changed my mind and patted on my head for that thought alone a couple of times (Oh no, I am not injured! I did that smoothly.. 😉 )



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