I celebrated Ind Vs Pak because India won. Not because Pak lost.

I couldn’t get an opportunity to watch the match settling in front of my TV screen this time. I was running around with some chores at home but made sure to have a quick sneak peek onto the screen every few minutes. When Indian bowlers took the ninth wicket, I left everything and settled down just to enjoy our victory. Yes, to enjoy our victory! And oh boy, was that last catch a memorable one! Like many others, I jumped too! Out of joy, sheer happiness that we did good and we won. But that lasted only until I opened my Facebook account and checked WatsApp messages…

More than 95% of them celebrated Pakistan’s loss. They were all happy that India defeated Pak and not because India WON! There is a sleek difference between these two. When you jump out of joy for someone else’s loss, what does that make you? I am no lesser an Indian. I am an extremely proud Indian. And I celebrate my country’s victory. Not some other country’s loss. And then came all those image messages with the “fireworks” jokes. Unaware of what it is exactly, I googled and checked out the advertisement. Really? I mean, really? What are we advocating? What are we really stressing on? A guy who obviously is from the rival country misses the chance to burst fireworks. Why should it be the other way round? Why can’t it be an Indian bursting crackers every single time? Why is the negative publicity or negative marketing being encouraged so much that it has now become a way of life?

I had to take a gap of 4 days to write this down so that the one who reads this article, reads with a settled emotional mindset and a composed thought process. Because after all, Indiaaaaa Indiaaaaaa is probably the only time where millions of emotions run extremely high. And that victory, sounds sweet always.. J

P.S : I am not commenting anything on both the countrys’ history. My only intention here was to remind everyone that cricket is a SPORT. And a sport spreads positive energy and positive energy alone. A zeal to win is a lot different from the zeal to defeat. And the latter is definitely not SPORTive. For me, Ind Vs Pak was a very prestigious match just like for everyone else. But I care less for what the other team’s result is. All I care and celebrate is for my own team’s success, my own team’s hardwork and my own team’s fantastic performance.


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