#India’sDaughter – I don’t wanna take a risk of polluting even one WRONG mind, though this video can inspire a billlion. Period.

Watched India’s Daughter. And I am stuck between the practicality and emotions about this sensitive issue now.

This video has an amazing potential to inspire and motivate a billion people towards change. BUT.. Equally, this video also has the potential to inspire the WRONG mind(s) – however sleek and slim the percentage of that is.. and that is something we cannot afford anymore. ANYMORE.

As I speak, as a woman of India, I don’t care about how many people share the video or cry or discuss (None of these serve the purpose – thanks to the video!). At this point, I just don’t want an as***** to watch this video and get inspired by how cool Mukesh (Mucus of our society) was while answering the questions..

If we understand the video right, it’s there in the lifestyle of few sections of people and some of those few sections of people have such brilliant minds that they can stoop to any level, just to look cool – like Mukesh on television. THAT’S THE BITTER FACT! Most of them, don’t even care about the result when the fateful moment arrives. Just like they imitate their favorite heroes in movies, they would imitate these monsters. Basic Psychology!

I am not sure how many of you understand what I am trying to say, but yes, I don’t want many more Mucuses crawling on the roads out of lust and senselessness. Period.

I thought I would post that Government’s decision was extremely wrong when I started watching it. But, I change my mind after finishing it.

I cannot risk any such factor that makes me even more tensed anymore. Because let’s face it, practically. This is one such problem whose solution is not as simple as we think. Who is willing to go to places like RK Puram to stop the assaults and rapes in every single family on a daily basis? And who is willing to invent a chemical solution, that when sprayed changes the mindsets of all those morons who think Men are the humans. Women are The Human’s servants? WHO? YOU?

Could have been better. I still tell you, minds like me would like the video, I am not denying that. But there are completely different thinking minds out there, who will like this video too. And worse, they will look up to some.

Fast track is still not executed, a million more similar cases. So why should I dream of the hope of impractical and magical solution, again?

‪#‎IndiasDaughter‬ ‪#‎CantAfford‬


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