On one of those routine days in the life of…

It was too high. I stretched myself to reach but couldn’t. I tried harder. And harder. I couldn’t. Why should I cry every single time? Why can’t I get what I want whenever I want it? Why is it so hard for people around to understand it? Not bothering about any of these questions that kept troubling me, I tried a little more.

Just then, somebody gave a little nudge and it moved! Oh my God it moved! And that sound… hahaha… that sound is so funny! Oops i guess I’m laughing loud not bothering about all the people around looking at me with those adoring eyes..

Uh oh.. I did it again and I’m wet once more. Grrr I hate this. I’ve got to cry now! The cradle I’m in is so wet! My toy! Do something! Oh mom… You’re my superwoman. Get me out of here. Oh look at that! I’m being lifted and I crossed her elbow. I’m taller! Yeeeyyyy! Laughing time smile emoticon

*If only they could speak*


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