Intolerance is good. But demeaning our own Nation to sensationalize?

flags-of-countries-animated-three-colors-as-flags-of-india-symbol-in-handYou and I are able to debate on “Intolerance” only because there is someone out there who is tolerant enough to take bullets for us. And a complete family out there that is tolerant enough to willingly hug “goodbye” to a very dear, loved family member with a heart filled of hope to see him/her again

You and I are able to travel across the globe with a confidence of being rescued by the Indian Government and the Indian Armed Forces in case of a calamity solely because there is someone out there who never gets to travel back home for even the biggest of his/her family needs

You and I are able to forget the great heritage of India, its thousands of years of culture and nickname cities like “Rape City” contributing much of its eminence to barbaric morons while the same city houses every single reason for the existence “India” and not 29 + 7 different countries sharing a subcontinent

You and I are able to let the very popular News media (broadcast/print) use the terms “Shame on India”, “Indian Shame” etc., only because there is someone out there who is willing to forego every ounce of their blood to ensure that you and I are not “Shamed” by either being killed or by being raped by the enemy camps

You and I are able to blame the nation on how pathetic the governance is, how “unfair” the law is and how irresponsible the ruling is ONLY because there is someone out there who is drawing their last breath with an image of his/her grown up kids in heart and how would it be to hold them for one last time

Intolerance is good. It has been the root cause for almost all the movements that happened for the humanity’s good. But, demeaning our own nation to sensationalize it?

Today we celebrate the 67th year of the fruits of our nation’s biggest movement. But India is much more than just these 67 years. Indian food, Indian culture, Indian Heritage, Indian Diversity and Indian Advanced Technology aging thousands of years is much more than you and I settling in some other country and later stating, “I couldn’t ever come back. It’s just not safe or organized”

If in a class of 1000 students, 999 pass with a 90% annual score but 1 kid fails due to some reasons, it is natural for the parents to discipline that kid. While the national media is busy telecasting the headline, “Shame in India. School kid slips into depression because he was judged by parents for failing an exam”, forgetting the tremendous success of the other 999 kids and their hard work and the progress that they (read country) made, the same news triggers in innumerable tweets/posts/debates on how bad and pathetic the situation is and how better the other nations are doing. See my point?

India is much more than what is being broadcast irresponsibly. This Republic Day, I call on you all to remember it, cherish it and fill that positive energy within. Let us be intolerant. There’s no harm. But let us be responsible about it. If we can’t contribute to this great nation’s success, let us at least not pull it back by our disrespectful views which quite often change frequently.

And media – if you are listening.. You are a part of this diverse, tolerant nation and not of its enemy. Stop raising its prominence to the ground. Because believe me – India is a tolerant nation. But every tolerance will have its boundary. Want the proof? Search for other countries’ media reporting “Shame on my country” and if that ever happened, the result of its occurrence. We all can make or break. We, as Indians dare to choose to “make”. Do you dare to stand with us or the sensational hoop? Will you dare to brighten my country’s future or stick to only broadcasting the darkness inside? Can you make a difference along with us or should we do that alone? Do you even care or is it just us? Lastly, do you still remember what led to the birth of “media” and the miracles it brought in to our world?

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